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EB22 Electrobooster Kit Setup Guide

  1. Make sure that EB22 Intensity Knob is turned OFF.
  2. Plug the Power Adapter into the wall and plug the cord into the EB22 10-18vdc jack.
  3. Plug one end of the audio cable into the EB22 Sound jack. Plug the other end into a sound source such as the headphone jack on a computer.
  4. Plug the 1/4 inch white stereo Pad Cable into the EB22 Pads jack. Make sure it is fully seated into the jack.
  5. Plug a pad into each pin end of the Pad Cable.
  6. Remove Pads from vinyl sheet and stick them to load. Make sure Pads are not touching each other.
  7. The EB22 is ready to use.
  8. Turn on sound source, such as a computer, and set volume to low or medium. High settings might cause sound to be distorted.
  9. Turn on Speaker Knob to desired setting. Speaker is used to verify that sound is entering EB22.
  10. Turn on EB22 Intensity Knob to low setting. The EB22 Red Power light should turn on indicating that EB22 is ON.
  11. Turn EB22 Intensity Knob slowly to higher setting as desired. The EB22 Green Umph light should pulse with the intensity of the sound.
  12. The Pads will be electrified with the intensity of the sound.
  13. When finished with session, turn the EB22 Intensity Knob OFF.
  14. Remove the Pads from load and reattach to vinyl sheet.
  15. Return everything to carrying case.

Setup Guide - Electrocleansing with the EB22 Electrobooster booklet in PDF format.